12:00 AM, 09 04, 2017

Talking Gift Cards With Sainsbury's

With over 1400 stores nationwide, more than 150,000 employees and a heritage that dates back from 1869, Sainsbury’s is the first food retailer to receive gold accreditations from the 'Investors in people' in its category because of the incentives it provides to its employees. Their gift card is one of our best sellers, so we caught up with Beverley Banks, Business Development Manager to talk about why Sainsbury’s Gift Cards are perfect for employee rewards and marketing campaigns alike!

Why do people choose Sainsbury's Gift Cards for employee rewards or incentives?

Many companies reward but find it difficult to find a solution which satisfies all tastes and lifestyles. This is the reason gift cards are so popular and provide the perfect solution. They offer choice and appeal to all age groups.

Sainsbury’s Gift cards are the perfect solution to ensuring staff feel rewarded and motivated rather than applying a bonus to their pay packet which is swallowed up by everyday expenses. Employers can also engage their negotiating power to gain discounts where buying in bulk, making it cost effective.

What about for marketing campaigns? Can a supermarket gift card work here?

We find that Sainsbury’s gift cards are an extremely flexible solution for any marketing strategy. They can be used to reward customers for their loyalty, incentivise them to buy particular products or encourage increases in basket spend. They can also be used as competition prizes following a call to action link with a marketing campaign. The usages can be as creative as the marketing strategy.

What surprises people about Sainsbury’s Gift Cards?

We've found with our campaigns such as live well for less, and our commitment to tackle high levels of food waste across the UK with our 'waste less, save more' initiative, that consumers do care about ways that they can change how they think about the food they buy, cook, eat, and throw away. We believe in Zero food wasting and we are the World's largest retailer for fair trade products, supporting local producers and ensuring that they receive fair prices for the produce that they supply. We find when people hear about that - they see that a Sainsbury’s Gift Card does give back more.

Interested in a Sainsbury’s Gift Cards?

SVM Global provides Sainsbury’s gift cards for rewards and gift cards for business and is the leading provider of eGifts, Gift Codes and Gift Cards for 100’s of suppliers and retailers across the World. You can purchase a Sainsbury’s Gift Card here.

Why not see if anyone else in your business could benefit from a Gift Card? Whether you decide to keep a store of gift cards for spot rewards, make a bulk order after a project completion or just pick some up to say thanks, with SVM Global, the selection, ordering and delivery of eGifts, Gift Codes and Gift Cards for 100’s of suppliers and retailers across the world couldn’t be easier!

We also offer a range of technical solutions for ongoing reward and recognition in your businesses.

Why not take a look at our portfolio of retailers here?

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