09:00 AM, 09 13, 2017

What's the future of gift cards?

You might remember the gift vouchers and book tokens from many years ago – and it’s safe to say with the eCodes now on offer, Gift Cards are evolving! We thought we would take a look at how technological advancement promises to change the way gift cards are issued and used. Which of these can you see happening?

Virtual gift cards

The future is already here and smartphones have become the storehouse for the stack of gift cards that you used to keep in your purse or wallet. As well as being able to buy through a mobile, keep your codes on your device and even check your balance online when you are out and about, you can now send gift cards to others through social media, texts or email. With the increase in online shopping and digital gift cards, the redemption of Gift Cards overall looks set to increase rapidly in the future.


In the future, shopping will be all about a personal experience. Shopping apps are being created which will make use of the GPS technology to allow you to purchase items in your local area – and have them delivered to you or picked up instantly. This may change Gift cards and see them become more of a currency or payment method. No more hungry students eating beans on toast– by virtually topping up a gift card for a local restaurant or shop, a parent can ensure the money is being spent in one place as you are able to send gift cards based on the recipient’s location.


This technology is slowly becoming an integral part of all the devices that are being launched. Microchipping helps in condensing the data for displaying it on small devices like smart watches. This has a huge potential because in the future, eCodes of gift cards could be stored on such portable devices to make the process of shopping easier. Mobile wallets and Apple passbook are already providing the facility of storing gift card information so that people can make payments at stores with these eCodes. Retailers can make use of gift cards to reward their employees and give incentives to customers.

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