04:24 PM, 01 17, 2020

Making 2020 Your Year: Upping customer engagement

Customer engagement is undoubtedly the key to continued business growth. It’s great getting new customers into your business, but encouraging them to come back time and again will allow your company to go from strength to strength.

We’ve put together some tips and tricks as to how you can increase customer engagement in your business and make 2020 the year for achieving your business’s goals.

Customer Service

Customer service is a huge driver in customer engagement, so it’s essential to ensure that you go above and beyond for each and every one of your clients, encouraging them to return to your business in the future. Afterall, going the extra mile for your clients is what makes them remember you, and is also what makes them want to tell their friends about you. Word of mouth is a big player in the world of customer engagement. When your customers receive impeccable service, they will tell their friends, family, colleagues and associates about you, resulting in multiple customers for the price of one.

When it comes to customer engagement, your business needs to make an excellent first impression. As soon as a potential customer clicks on your website, views your social media pages or even passes by your shop, they need to know what you’re about in moments. Make sure all of the relevant information is there for them to discover your brand, and make it interesting enough that they’ll want to explore it. Visual engagement tools make an excellent part of a customer engagement strategy, making your content all the more interesting and stimulating. Using icons and animations online is sure to catch the eye of your users, naturally improving customer engagement, as well as getting new users interested in your brand.

How your company makes your clients feel is a very important part of your customer engagement strategy. By encouraging your clients to feel positive about your brand, you’re allowing them to become advocates of your company, which will inevitably drive your customer engagement forward. Ensuring your customer engagement levels are at their highest, you’ll naturally attract and retain loyal customers, which is sure to lead to organic and valuable growth.

Maintaining an Engaging Brand

It’s one thing getting customers through your door, but keeping them there is a whole other ball game. Once you’ve got their attention, you need to keep your customers interested so that they come back to you again and again. The first thing you need to do is make sure you know exactly who your customers are, where they come from and what interests they have, so that you can pinpoint the tactics that will maintain their interest. Take a look at your website’s analytics so that you can better assess your customers’ needs and amend your strategy accordingly.

By creating a brand with a humanistic approach, your company instantly becomes relatable. Offering your customers relevant and interesting information as opposed to purely sales content will encourage loyalty and trust from your clients, ultimately creating a customer engagement approach that will benefit your business. Use social media to encourage customer engagement too, by talking to your users and guiding them when they need a helping hand. Here, you can also encourage your customers to interact with each other, and share their own experiences of your brand. It also gives you the opportunity to share with your followers the success of your company, allowing them to feel like an integral part to your growth.

Devise a personalised service so that each and every one of your customers feels valued, and why not create customised deals and offer them to different customers so you can see more clearly what’s working to increase customer engagement? One of the biggest tools at your disposal when it comes to customer engagement is feedback. Simply by asking your customers to tell you what they think of your company makes them feel valued and appreciated, making them ever more likely to become advocates of your brand and come back again.

Rewarding Loyalty

Good customer engagement ultimately means more business for your company, and keeping your brand’s name in the minds of your customers is an important part of this. Rewarding your clients’ loyalty is an integral aspect to any customer engagement strategy. When your engaged customers become advocates of your company, it’s important to reward them for their custom. Offer your most engaged customers free samples of new products, discount codes on your services or even small gifts to keep your advocates even closer and give them more reasons to help you spread the word of your business. Gift cards are a fantastic way to do this, as they allow your valued customers to see just how appreciated they are. By rewarding them with a gift card that lets them choose something for themselves, each time they use their new purchase, your brand will be at the forefront of their mind in a positive and generous light. Here at SVM Global, we have rewards schemes which are ready and raring to go. You’ll be able to send your best customers gift cards from all sorts of different retailers to reward them for their continued loyalty.

Building customer engagement will ultimately allow you to organically drive the success of your own business. With more and more customers becoming your brand advocates, you’ll see an increase in sales, interaction on your social media channels and a strong sense of loyalty to your brand.

If you’re looking to improve your customer engagement, SVM is here to help you on your way. With our reward schemes up your sleeve, you’ll be able to treat your most engaged employees and show them just how much you value their continued loyalty and custom. Get in touch with our customer service team to start making advocates out of your customers.

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