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What kind of sales manager are you?

If you work as a sales manager you might be wondering what type or manager you are. From organised to worried, relaxed

Have a look at and see if you can spot yourself…

The Organised Sales Manager

You have your hands full with an ever growing team, hard targets and a range of prospects to keep happy, not to mention partners and the internal team. You get through it with a litre of strong black coffee served in a desk ready Thermos and live off biscuits in between meetings. You live and die by the sales planner and the pipeline report. If anyone spots a ‘great opportunity’ they want you to go after you need a strong drink before you can change your planning documents and hit the ground running again.  

Favourite phrase: “As you can see from the sales plan…”

The Ever Worried Sales Manager

You live and breathe stats. You wake up in a cold sweat wondering if that big potential account got their call back and you like to send friendly ‘reminders’ to your sales team in the evenings. If your daily reports are late you start to feel feverish and need to sit in the boardroom until your heart returns to it’s normal resting rate.

Favourite phrase “I need to see the data immediately.”

The Practically Horizontal Sales Manager

Targets, KPIs and data drift by month on month and you don’t really check the stats unless you get an angry call from the boardroom. You can always say the right thing to placate people, and after a meeting with you, they are all nodding their heads in agreement with your approach.   It’s not that you don’t plan… You had a sales plan on who to target, when and how… It’s just hidden underneath a stack of business cards and proposal documents. Besides, you know you have a great team that will always pull through for you.   You chase opportunities as they come by, and somehow it all works out in the end.

Favourite phrase: “Relax - It’ll all work out”

The Guiding Sales Manager


A true leader, you thrive on guiding and coaching other sales people to be just like you. Not a day goes by when you don’t have a 121 with your team members and you always have the solution to that tricky objection or the hot prospect who never picks up a call. You probably started your career as a maverick with some dubious tactics but now you’re a proven sales champion, ready to bring up the next generation!


Favourite phrase: “I know how we can fix this.”


The Fire Fighting Sales Manager


You work in sales but you spend a lot of your day helping out the finance team, speaking to developers and coaxing marketing. You’re the go to person when something has hit the fan and you rarely spend a moment on your seat. You spend a lot of time shouting, muttering or standing outside to cool off. You check the sales reports on a Friday night, at home whilst your dog demands a walk and every Monday all your team have a task list as long as their arms in their inbox. Despite the panic, everyone in the business loves you.


Favourite phrase “Of course I can!”


The Wo/Man of The People Sales Manager


You have a full team and your role is to manage but you just can’t resist taking the calls, sourcing leads or reworking call scripts to perfection.  Your reports to the board are always late- but only because you decided to clean out your CRM system and take a couple of hot leads to help your team out.  You like to join the whole team on Friday for post work drinks and have your whole team as friends on Facebook.


Favourite phrase “I’ll get this one!”


The Beloved Sales Manager


You favourite words are ‘thank you’, ‘well done’ or ‘great job’. Your team love working with you, and you love working with them because you get great results from them by being fair, honest and grateful. You always keep a set of gift cards in your desk drawer to spot reward and you make regular out of office trips with your team to keep morale up. Your staff retention rate puts your competitors to shame and at home time, people are still sat down whilst other departments have left dust.


Favourite phrase “Well done on all your hard work. I really appreciate it.”


So – which sales manager are you? If you want to get the most out of your sales team – consider rewards and incentives. Who wouldn’t want to be the sales manager everyone loves?

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Edith Batten

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