11:30 AM, 05 10, 2017

Why Gift Cards Work for EVERY Staff Member

There is a real dilemma for some companies when it comes to deciding whether or not to give a gift to employees. Who do you reward, what should be given - not to mention the when and how. However, sometimes a handshake or a pat on the back, just simply isn’t enough…

On the other hand – just what do you give that is equal value, that doesn’t break the bank?

SVM Global is flying the flag for Gift Cards to be recognised as the ultimate ideal gift for everyone. But why do they work?

1. A reward for everyone

Young or old, male or female, a keen shopper, hobbyist, or someone with no known passion in particular – they can all get value from a Gift card. With Gift Cards for supermarkets, at the very least, a recipient is getting a deal on something we all must do – eat!

For example, Preference from SVM Global allows you to choose from a wide variety of different brands to suit your individual employees. The range covers fashion trends from New Look; luxury food and home items from M&S; health and beauty gifts from Boots; the latest gadgets from PC World & Curry’s; and fantastic dining out experiences, with a huge range of restaurants using The Restaurant Choice Voucher, plus so much more!

You order the codes, and the recipient takes this code and orders the gift card or eCode that suits them, at the time that’s right for them.

2. Global appeal for global business

No matter the size of your business, gift cards and eCodes can be used as a reward without the boundaries of seas or Visas getting in the way. If you want to encourage staff rewards from peer to peer from Denmark to Dublin, it’s possible. SVM Global is pleased to offer eCodes and gift cards bespoke to countries like Denmark, Lithuania, and many, many more, so gifting anyone, anywhere is possible.

3. Unbeatable value and portability for on the spot rewards

On the spot rewards are small gestures that can go a long way to benefitting not only the employee, but also the business. They are easy to give, great to receive and are apparent to many people in the business that hard work is rewarded! Gift cards can literally fit into a purse or a wallet, ideal for managers or senior leaders who travel frequently or need to be able to reward on the go.

4. A reward that encourages the ‘squeezed middle’

Whereas a big-ticket reward such as a new bit of tech or the promise of a paid for holiday will keep the top percentage of sales people or performers motivated, other people that go the extra mile in your business will benefit from more frequent, lower value rewards that don’t focus on the transactional wins in your business. Not only can you now reward cultural habits, attitude, or dedication, you can lower the cost of your reward and recognition scheme whilst also positively impacting behaviour.

5. The right ceremony for your culture

A gift card isn’t like a hamper or a giant bunch of flowers. It can be subtle or loud, given verbally after a presentation, or quietly via an email with a personal message. Using gift cards as your reward strategy is a brilliant idea if you have a mix of introverts and extroverts in your team or business. You avoid the risk of a showy reward that makes people cringe and shy away from being given it – whilst also having the flexibility to have a bit of a ceremony around the gifting if there are team members who would appreciate a bit of fanfare!

Many businesses make the mistake of only giving out gift cards or other gifts once a year – but there is so much value to be had from introducing these small motivators every month. Why not make a small order and see the impact on your culture?

Contact us today to see how you can use gift cards within your rewards and incentive solution on 01709 303102 or hello@svmglobal.com today.

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