12:00 AM, 09 06, 2016

Why Your Incentive Programme Isn’t Working?

You’ve implemented a new incentive and reward programme – but it’s not working.

What’s going on?

Before you resign your programme to the heap, let’s take a look at some of the common mistakes that could be the reason your employees aren’t engaging with you.

1. You haven’t explained what the benefits are

Whether it is voluntary benefits, flex benefits or a in house reward and incentive programme based on metrics that are important to you – if people don’t understand the rules or what the rewards are, there will never be buy in. Use your internal email or a purchased email system to create a beautiful eShot to all your employees, explaining how it works. You can add in factsheets, images and even videos. Make sure you track who has opened or clicked on the content and gently remind people.

The rules must be written out and completely understood by all in order for the incentive programme to mean anything.

2. Your rewards only work for the minority

You need your incentive programme to work for all members of staff. If your sales incentive only rewards the huge deals – how can new members ever get a look in? Your programme needs to be fair. At the same time – you need to follow through. If you ask that all results must be reported on time, then ensure that all prizes are also rewarded in a timely manner

The contest at a minimum must run at least the length of a typical sales cycle.

3. Your prizes aren’t interesting

If your rewards are a paper certificate and a spot on the hall of fame wall, you might need to up your game. Prizes only work if they are valuable and meaningful to the recipient. You have so many choices – Gift Cards, eCodes, holidays, new tech equipment – make sure you ask people what they want and give it to them. If the targets are good enough then you can make anything a prize.

4. You use money or cash bonuses

Time and time again it’s been shown that cash has a short ‘shelf life’ for satisfaction. What is important is the act of receiving and giving – this should be meaningful and a real ego boost! Cash lands in a purse or wallet and is spent in mundane ways. On the other hand, something like a Gift Card is typically redeemed on an experience or something that’s a real treat, which is why non-monetary rewards are more meaningful.

5. It’s too hard!

If you want to quadruple profits in the next month – with no technical support, no marketing budget and no guidance, you’re incentive programme will probably fall short.

When you choose a gift card you know it will be appreciated. SVM Global offers over 500 brands, from supermarket brands through to health, beauty and fashion.

Why not call us today and discuss how you can make rewards a part of your working culture?

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