10:53 AM, 04 02, 2019

Women at Work

SVM Global employs some truly great female workers who help create the backbone of our company. We spoke to a few of them to discover what work means to them.

How long have you worked here?

C: Almost 5 years.

J: Nearly 3 years.

A: 10 years.

What factors of SVM Global have encouraged you to stay working here?

C: Seeing the company transform and grow over the last few years as a result of a fantastic team working together to achieve success. The Christmas dinner cooked by our Senior Management Team every year was also a very strong factor!

J: I have been impressed by the talent and skills of the team at SVM Global and the excellent service that is offered to all its clients, partners and customers.

A: Working with like-minded people. Contributing to the growth and knowledge to a successful company.

What did you want to be when you were little?

C: A teacher or a lawyer.

J: A lawyer or an accountant.

A: Chef.

What was your first job?

C: Working in a bar/café in the holidays when I was at university.

J: Waitressing part time whilst studying at university.

A: Working in a chip shop after school.

What’s the hardest challenge you’ve had to overcome at work?

C: Learning everything there is to know about our industry and our systems. I continue to learn every day.

J: Trying to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

A: Juggling around being a career mum.

What do you enjoy most at work?

C: As a Project Manager, I enjoy working as part of a team to deliver a common goal together.

J: I enjoy coaching and mentoring, as well as delivering business advancements both technically and financially.

A: I love the challenge every day and the sense of achievement personally or through teams.

What does success mean to you?

C: Success to me is about having a purpose, achieving my full potential and doing something that makes me happy.

J: Deliver on your promises, and where possible above expectation.

A: Having my own sense of achievement.

As a Team Manager, what do you feel are the most important qualities a leader needs?

C: For me, a good team leader should establish an environment where the team feel they can be open and honest. They allow everyone to bring their own personalities and strengths to the team.

J: I believe integrity and accountability are paramount, as well as recognising that creating a team is greater than the sum of the individuals within it.

A: A good leader needs to be able to adapt their style to different challenges and situations. You need to have an honest and open approach which builds trust, but you also need to be able to demonstrate the ability to make and stand by decisions.

As health and wellbeing become increasingly important in the workplace, how do you think this will change the workplace and the manager/employee relationship?

C: I think there will be an emphasis on achieving a greater work-life balance which will lead companies to invest in greater employee benefits such as flexible working and free gym membership! Managers have the power to create a healthier, happier workplace by maintaining a supportive environment and leading by example.

J: We need to embrace this change and understand a healthy body and mind are important for individuals, which in turn is healthy for businesses too.

A: Emphasis on work life balance will become more important, creating roles which offer flexibility. I also think incentive and reward schemes around health and wellbeing will become more common, as seen in the US. Managers will have more duty of care to ensure health and wellbeing in the workplace including mental health.

What would you say to women starting out their careers?

C: Believe in yourself and be confident. You will also feel a great sense of achievement in overcoming obstacles, so don’t be afraid of a challenge.

J: Work hard, enjoy what you do, and most importantly, remember diversity is a sign of a strong and successful team.

A: With a positive mindset and attitude, gender should not stop you aiming for what‎ you want to achieve. Teams work better with a mix of all personalities and skills.

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