12:00 AM, 06 13, 2016

Your Employee Experience Drives Your Customer Experience

Customer experience is the buzzword on everyone’s lips, whether you’re in marketing, sales or the board room. We all want happy customers and there are an array of digital tools you can use to elicit feedback, increase advocacy and harness referrals as well as whole host of website tweaking tools from heat mapping to gamification that can make the whole process of ‘delighting the customer’ easy, or at least achievable.

At the same time, employee engagement is another emerging hot topic as employees spend less time at each business, and millennials seek to work with companies that align with their own outlook and goals. Many businesses are seriously starting to look at ways to ensure their employees are committed to the business, share its brand values and contribute to the company positively.

But can the same rules we invest so much time in at the ‘customer experience’ end of the funnel be applied to employees?

  • If you discovered your customers were unhappy about some element of your business, you’d immediately want to fix the problem, or at least address it (especially if they were telling people about their experience!) Why not do the same with your employees?
  • If people stopped engaging, you would immediately want to run a heat map or a check on your stats to see what had changed and what to do about it. Why not do the same check in with your employees?
  • If you wanted to gauge customer sentiment to your business, you would immediately run a survey or a focus group. Why not do the same with your employees?
  • If you wanted your customers to have an enjoyable experience with you, you’d provide them the means to do so (a website, a brochure, a demo) but you would probably be otherwise hands off, checking in when you needed to (live chat, a friendly reminder email, a calm sales call). Why not give the same empowerment to your employees?
  • If you wanted to make potential customers trust your business, you would put out messages of positivity. Why not do the same with your employees?
  • If you wanted to show a customer they meant a lot to you, you’d deliver them a VIP offer, a gift or some type of message to stay top of mind and say ‘thanks’. Why not do the same with your employees?
  • Similarly, you wouldn’t rest on your laurels when it came to attracting business, you would want to offer something unique and special that people couldn’t resist. Why not do the same for your employees so your recruitment becomes almost effortless?
  • If you wanted to encourage ‘good behaviour’ such as a positive review, a referral, or a recommendation, you’d probably put some budget behind a reward for doing so. Why not reward your employees in the same way?

This isn’t just a way to tie in the processes at your business or a way to ‘spoil’ people. We know for many businesses, times are tough. However, there is no escaping that happy employees promote your brand with positivity when they aren’t on the job.

Take a look at these voluntary reviews posted on Glassdoor.com by employees…

Happy employees stay with you, even when a better offer might otherwise tempt them away. Happy employees listen to your new initiatives and get behind them. They are so happy in fact, that they want to promote what you offer to potential customers wherever they may meet them – from a networking event to a chance interaction on holiday.

It makes sense that if you want to funnel customers towards a positive interaction with your brand, making your employees happy could be the most effective way to create a positive customer experience, which will also pay dividends for your business in the long run.

So, can you afford not to reward your employees?

We believe that a moment to say thanks, to publicly congratulate, or to deliver a well timed gift card can all make the difference. SVM Global has years of experience in delivering gift cards and eCodes to companies that want to delight their customers or their employees. Our gift cards can be purchased for over 500 brands globally, and can be delivered in bulk to your office or sent individually to each recipient. We can also help you set up peer to peer recognition platforms, or the ability to offer regular eCodes as rewards – ideal for marketing, sales incentives or for employee milestones.

Get in touch with us today – email hello@svmglobal.com or call 01709 303 101. You can also view our portfolio here

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