12:00 AM, 04 17, 2020

Your Employee Benefits Platform: How it will boost your business

An employee benefits platform will always be great for your business as it will show your employees how much you care for their happiness and wellbeing. This in turn will increase employee engagement and allow you to both attract and retain top notch employees within your industry.

Here at SVM Global, we offer a range of employee benefits platforms, each of which can be tailored to your business’s operations and objectives. This means that you can ensure that your employee benefits platform will get the results you need, all the while making sure that your employees are happy, ready and keen to excel in their everyday work.

Which Employee Benefits Platform?

Your employee benefits platform from SVM Global can be bespoke to your business. We have plenty of different recognition schemes to choose from, whether you’re looking for long-service awards or instant rewards, or whether you’d like to increase employee engagement or boost team morale; we’ve got the products that’ll suit your business down to a T.

Long-service awards will give your employees something to work towards the moment they begin work at your business, and should really showcase how much you appreciate their hard work and effort over the years. A reward and recognition scheme can be put into place to make those who go above and beyond for the business feel truly valued. Setting up an employee benefits platform will naturally increase employee engagement too, as your teams begin talking about their benefits and start to become advocates for the company. Peer-to-peer recognition schemes will also help to improve employee engagement as well as teamwork, as your team members look for reasons to acknowledge their colleagues and appreciate each other’s work.

Voluntary benefits from SVM Global give your employees access to discounted gift cards and eCodes. This employee benefits platform lets your team save on all sorts of things from their everyday food shopping to a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. Instant rewards will let you send your employee a one-off reward for achieving something amazing or for going the extra few miles for the business. Finally, flexible benefits lets your employees exchange some of their salary for discounted gift cards and eCodes on your employee benefits platform, so that their wage can stretch even further.

What Will it do For Business?

An employee benefits platform from SVM Global will ultimately allow you to recruit, retain and reward your most valuable employees with the treats they really want through gift cards and eCodes. Having a slick and streamlined employee benefits platform in place will let you freely focus on retention and recruitment, knowing that you’ve got the benefits that’ll attract only the most talented recruits. It will also mean you can successfully work towards performance improvement within your teams, knowing your employees have the incentives to achieve their targets and build on the organisation’s objectives.

Having a great employee benefits platform in place for your team emphasises that you care about them, their progression and ultimately their wellbeing. Letting your employees know that you acknowledge their continued commitment to their roles and you value them and their hard work will naturally boost morale in the workplace, increase engagement with the business and improve productivity during your team’s working days. This attitude of caring for your employees won’t go unnoticed either. Having an employee benefits platform that puts your team first will ultimately make you stand out from your competitors, allowing you to attract the top talent and catch the eye of potential new clients too.

An employee benefits platform from SVM will not only see morale boosted and more clients knocking at your door though. It can also save you and your employees money. A salary exchange scheme means that both you and your employees can pay less in tax, and it can also let your employees save money on the things that matter most to them. Having the right employee benefits platform in place will also mean that you’ll need to spend less on recruitment, as your valued employees will be keen to stay put.

Rewards from SVM Global

Here at SVM Global, our employee benefits platform will let you reward your team with gift cards and eCodes. These can be stand alone, one-off rewards, long-service awards or even part of a benefits package.

Our employee benefits platform offers a variety of flexible and voluntary programmes for an array of professions and businesses to reward and recognise their hard working employees. The nature of our dynamic rewards means that they are ideal for all sorts of corporate channels, so whatever and whoever you’d like to reward, we’ve got the product for your business.

Your employee benefits platform with SVM Global will bring all kinds of benefits to your business and your employees, which will ultimately see productivity improve, your staff retention rate rise and employee engagement increase. Get in touch with our team to set your organisation up with an employee benefits platform that will bring a plethora of benefits to you, your employees and your business.

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