Working with SVM Global

At SVM Global, we offer services to sales and marketing professionals who want to inspire, engage and change behaviour in their customers and sales teams.

We also work with numerous resellers such as incentive, loyalty and performance improvement agencies. For these clients we act as a specialist outsourced voucher and gift card fulfilment operation, delivering a world of retailer options to our clients via a single, dedicated relationship. This saves our clients time and effort, and allows them to focus on their own core strengths and objectives.

Delivering Delight

Our range of brands allows us to offer effective motivational reward schemes that delight the end user, regardless of demographic or location.

Our current client programmes include the following.

  • Sales incentives

    A motivated sales team will energise your product sales and brand. We can help you create and maintain an enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated workforce.

  • Channel incentives

    Channel incentives underpin the entire process of getting your product to its end user through a reseller. It’s essential to form personal connections and reward those individuals who actively engage with and promote your brand. This will not only make the recipient feel sensational it will also keep your brand in the forefront of their mind and drive sales.

  • Customer acquisition

    Dare to differentiate! Acquiring new customers is far easier if you offer attractive incentives, so why not stand out as the company that gives great gifts and offers?

  • Customer affinity, loyalty and retention

    Customer loyalty is just as important as acquisition (perhaps even more so: it’s seven times easier to sell to existing customers than to win new ones). So treat those existing customers well and nurture them for the long haul! Our gifting options offer all sorts of delights from giving your customer a delicious meal to treating them to a shopping spree in their favourite retail outlets.

  • Sales promotion

    SVM offer another route to making the most of the different retailer brands you want, without the hassle of multiple suppliers. You can choose any retail brand you wish and weave it into a creative, compelling and stand-out promotion.

  • A simple ‘Thank you’

    Perhaps you want to acknowledge an act of kindness or deliver a personal ‘Thank you’ for your team’s hard work? We offer customised gift cards, personalised with your own designs and messages. Take a look at the Services section of our website to find out more.

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