Nov 24, 2016

73% of Businesses Choose Rewards For Profitability

Stats from a Motivate Europe Live Survey have shown that a huge 73% of companies say that they are choosing to use reward programmes in their business in order to increase profitability.

Whilst we might all know that businesses tend to choose solutions based on their value rather than the goal of happiness at work, the study also showed that 71% of businesses admit that they are ‘competing’ with other businesses by implementing reward and recognition programmes, and 70% implement one due to the perception from the general public of the company.

Whatever the reason, we know that reward programmes work. Employees feel more motivated when they have an incentive, which increase profits, and company perception is greatly improved too.

Gift Cards are the ideal way to say thanks, reward good work and to boost profits. Unlike other schemes, rewarding with Gift Cards is incredibly easy to get started with.

SVM Global are the leading suppliers of Gift Cards for the B2B market, offering Gift cards and eCodes for over 500 brands worldwide. We can help you order Gift Cards for your business today- simply email or call 01709917278 today and we’ll advise the best brands for your campaign or objectives.

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