Sep 26, 2016

Marketing and Gift Cards a Great Match

You might not know that a large percentage of customers that SVM Global works with are marketing agencies and businesses, interested in the promotional benefits of using Gift Cards and eCodes to promote campaigns, new product launches and new developments.

We spoke to SVM Global’s Retail Director Joanne Peake and Marketing Manager Elaine Keep about the interest.

“It’s an incredibly exciting period” – says Elaine Keep, Marketing Manager at SVM Global.

“The whole principle of offering a great incentive is to make it a valuable customer experience so you build relationships that keep your brand front of mind. We are seeing more and more marketing agencies and in house marketers choosing Gift cards and eCodes for their incentives programmes, seeing the great effects and then coming back for their next big launch. We’re also working with some great tech companies too - incredible new apps, loyalty systems and gamification platforms and they are all being driven by Gift cards and eCodes. they feel more like a gift than other alternatives and it looks like a real commitment to engaging the customer.”

Joannne Peake, Retail Director added

“Our retail partners have been incredibly quick to adapt to the needs of the marketing agencies and professionals who are really keen to work with our top name brands using their Gift Cards and digital products for their launches and promotions. We ensure each campaign is approved by retailers so it matches their brand values and everyone is on the same page. It meets the needs of everyone. A business like iTunes are able to distribute their cards and codes out through a whole array of new channels, opening up new audiences for them, something that’s as instantly recognisable as an iTunes Gift Card is really appealing as part of a marketing campaign. It’s a win-win situation.”

If you’re a marketing professional or agency looking to purchase gift cards for a marketing promotion or product launch, speak to us today. Call 01709917278 or email

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