Aug 24, 2015

SVM Release Global Website

As SVM Europe makes the transition to SVM Global, you are warmly invited to witness the growth through the rebranded corporate website. We are delighted to announce our fresh domain name: svmglobal. This is accompanied by a stunning renewed website

SVM pleased to present dynamic website with global domain name.

Balpreet Kaur, Marketing and Social Media Manager, articulates, “Launching the new website has been an exciting experience for the company, as this plays a big part in portraying to our clients and retailers our fresh, professional image. We hope the new website will help any visitors to understand what we do as a business and how we work.

Progressing into phase two of the website launch, the SVM team will be considering different types of content. The aim of the website is not to generate lengthy text, but to promote fun and informative messages, which are user friendly. This will be achieved through the use of pictures, animation and video content.

Enhanced features on the new website include easy navigation, animated buttons, a filtered search facility and an interactive map, which visually displays SVM’s portfolio. Fully optimised for mobile and tablet usage, you are certain not to miss out, regardless of the device you may use to access our website. Globally, you will also benefit from our continual improvement. SVM is taking on board translators to re-create the website content in several different languages.

Tee Kaeophian, Senior Web Developer, explains, “The new website has a responsive design, which aims to enhance user experience on a wide variety of electronic devices, including: mobiles, PCs, laptops and tablets. As we developed the project in house, this allowed us to operate with flexibility, creativity and precision. Using the latest Microsoft technology ensures that the overall design is modern and future-proof, so we can consistently update and enrich the content over time.

Keen to highlight our visions and values, we included a website tab called ‘Our Story,’ which conveys how we personally interpret the values and what the words mean to the SVM family. We hope that this may give you a deeper understanding of how we operate.

Tom Levitt, Web Development Support, enthusiastically elaborates, “Communication is at the heart of SVM. We adapted the SVM blog to facilitate visually appeasing, fun and informative messages. By using engaging content, including pictures and videos, we can keep clients and retailers up to date with any important updates and changes.

You’re also encouraged to talk back to us! SVM is looking towards including case studies and feature lists, so all partners can actively engage with our message and appear in our blogs. You may also take an interest in featuring on SVM’s twitter feed. If you take a look at the bottom of the website – the latest twitter post is always on display! Right next to it, you will find a sign up button for the sparkling new newsletter, keeping you in touch with all the latest activity.

Callum Mitchell, Creative Marketing Executive, expresses a final sentiment, “Our website serves as the centre for all our digital channels to congregate, from social media and blog content to our excellent product range, ultimately offering the best user experience to anyone in the world.

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